I just love how quick and easy these projects were to make up for Mother's Day gifts and teacher gifts!  Simply Said has wonderful mini-designs just perfect for gift giving and you can also personalize or create your own using our online design tool like I did for my mother-in-law's "Our Relationship Is Good" tile.  Such a great way to make a gift even more special for your loved one.

This is a 9.5" square design in Olive Green placed onto a 10" ceramic tile.  My son's teacher mentioned that she really likes to garden, so I thought this would make a really nice end of the year gift for her.  (I had the guy at Lowes cut down a 12" tile to 10" for me.)

This is a 9.5" square design in Lady Bug Red placed onto our 10" finished square board.  My husband's mother loves the color red, and she is very big about tradition and family history, so I thought this saying was very fitting for her Mother's Day gift.

This design was created using our online design tool.  This the title of my mother-in-law's first book, which she wrote while in seminary.  It is done in Majesty Violet and measures about 9" x 11" and I placed it onto a 9" x 12" marble tile.

This is another 9.5" design, done in Tempting Turquoise, placed onto one of our finished 10" square boards.  This one is for my mother who is one of the most giving and loving people I know. 

This is a 9.5" design done in Holly Berry Red and placed on a 10" ceramic tile.  I'm giving this one to my son's assistant classroom teacher who has done a wonderful job as his DI instructor all year, and has the special "Tooth Fairy" powers of pulling teeth without them hurting... too cute when my son told me this when he came home with his 2nd lost tooth in a baggie!


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    I love to be creative, I always have, ever since I was a child.  Being able to create something that makes you or someone else feel special is an amazing feeling!

    I recently discovered a wonderful company, Simply Said, and absolutely fell in love with the product and all its possibilities.  I signed up and am now the founding consultant in North Carolina.

    I am so excited to share Simply Said with you and hope that you too will be inspired to be creative in your home, business, or gift giving.

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