I decided to take a leap of faith...to fly out to South Dakota for the weekend, where I knew no one (only by names) to attend the 2nd National Convention for Simply Said.  And I must say that it was one of the best decisions I could have ever made.  It was wonderful!  Everyone was crazy nice and friendly, open to offer suggestions and feedback and the best part was being one of the first consultants to learn about all the new products, programs, incentives and designs before anyone else! 

So, are you the least bit interested in getting a sneak peek?  Well, here you go!

The new 2010/2011 Simply Said Catalog
This catalog is packed with over 70% new designs, new accessories, new packages...I just LUV it!  And you will too!  Be sure to take a look and let me know what you think!

I had seen this saying a long time ago in a store, so when I started my business with Simply Said, this was the first thing I thought of and just knew I had to create my own version.  I just absolutely love how it turned out! 

That is just one of the many things I love about Simply Said!  You can create your own designs to your own liking to accommodate your home and lifestyle!  And the impact it makes for very little cost, is truly amazing!  I can't walk into my bedroom without smiling ear to ear when I read this...so meaningful to me.

Let me help you decorate your home to your desire with our wonderful vinyl designs!

June and July are fun months for theme parties.  How about a beach party?  Or maybe a tropical drink party and/or banana split party - everyone bring their favorite ingredients!  Perfect excuse to get everyone together all while sharing an awesome new product that will help your friends transform their homes!  Contact me today to grab your spot on my calendar!

Michelle Simms
Founding Consultant

Ask me how you can earn your starter kit for FREE!

704-728-2478 or michelle.simplysaid@gmail.com

I just love how quick and easy these projects were to make up for Mother's Day gifts and teacher gifts!  Simply Said has wonderful mini-designs just perfect for gift giving and you can also personalize or create your own using our online design tool like I did for my mother-in-law's "Our Relationship Is Good" tile.  Such a great way to make a gift even more special for your loved one.

This is a 9.5" square design in Olive Green placed onto a 10" ceramic tile.  My son's teacher mentioned that she really likes to garden, so I thought this would make a really nice end of the year gift for her.  (I had the guy at Lowes cut down a 12" tile to 10" for me.)

This is a 9.5" square design in Lady Bug Red placed onto our 10" finished square board.  My husband's mother loves the color red, and she is very big about tradition and family history, so I thought this saying was very fitting for her Mother's Day gift.

This design was created using our online design tool.  This the title of my mother-in-law's first book, which she wrote while in seminary.  It is done in Majesty Violet and measures about 9" x 11" and I placed it onto a 9" x 12" marble tile.

This is another 9.5" design, done in Tempting Turquoise, placed onto one of our finished 10" square boards.  This one is for my mother who is one of the most giving and loving people I know. 

This is a 9.5" design done in Holly Berry Red and placed on a 10" ceramic tile.  I'm giving this one to my son's assistant classroom teacher who has done a wonderful job as his DI instructor all year, and has the special "Tooth Fairy" powers of pulling teeth without them hurting... too cute when my son told me this when he came home with his 2nd lost tooth in a baggie!

I have been having an amazingly GREAT time with my Simply Said business over the past few months and I want to share the fun with everyone!  So I've decided to give away some FREE designs!  Who doesn't like FREE stuff?!?!
Read below to see how to be the lucky winner!
OK, now that you've read what it is all about, here is what you need to do:
1.  Check out the catalogs to your right.
2.  Make your wish list.
3.  Clink on this link to start shopping!

Have questions and/or want more information?  Contact me at 704-728-2478 or michelle.simplysaid@gmail.com.

 Weddings are very special, filled with personalized touches specific to each bride's dreams.  Why not let Simply Said make that day even more special with a personalized touch that will have all your wedding guests in awe.  We have beautiful monogram designs for the dance floor, personalized tile designs to be displayed at the gift table, designs for your sign in book, designs for your wine/champagne glasses, classy 'Just Married' designs for your limo, and even a design for your new home together as a married couple. 

Contact me today and allow me to help make your wedding day even more memorable!
michelle.simplysaid@gmail.com or 704-728-2478

Simply Said wants to thank you for decorating with us!!  We love sharing our designs and we love even more to give them away!!  Check out what all you can get in the month of May!  Want to earn even more free designs?  Contact me today to host your own design party!

michelle.simplysaid@gmail or call me at 704-728-2478


What is Simply Said?
A:  Simply Said is a quickly growing direct sales company that has created a product that gives you the opportunity to use sayings and designs to bring the perfect atmosphere to your home or office.  We offer a product that allows you to select the design, size, font and color as well as the option of customizing your own design. 
Our vinyl is so thin it looks like it has been painted on.  Simply Said designs are affordable, easy, mess free, and changeable.
Our designs can be used on walls, glass, tiles, shower blocks, pictures frames, furniture, mailboxes, cars - the options are unlimited!

QHow can I see Simply Said designs?
A:  Go to my website - the full catalog as well as our Seasonal Catalog and Bridal Guide are available for you to view online.  www.mysimplysaiddesigns.com/michellesimms

QHow can I place an order?
A:  There are three ways you can place an order:
     1.  You can order directly through my website anytime.  
     2.  You can host a Simply Said Design party in your home and share your new
          favorite thing with your friends and family.  I will share with your friends all the
          wonderful possibilities of our designs and you receive FREE gifts just for sharing! 
          Don't like home parties, then host a Catalog Design Party instead.  Pass around the
          catalogs, collect orders and earn FREE gifts...just that easy!
     3.  You can join me in this wonderful ground floor business opportunity and have
         access to all of our products at a nice discount and earn money at the same time!

QAre there different types of vinyl?
A:  We offer 2 types of vinyl:  interior and exterior.  Interior vinyl is a very thin vinyl that when applied looks like paint on the walls. It has a matte finish. The exterior vinyl has a stickier tack for resisting outdoor elements and enables it to stick better to highly textured surfaces. It has a glossy finish.

QWhen should exterior vinyl be used instead of interior?
A:  Whenever the vinyl is going to be placed outdoors and/or on highly textured surfaces.  Helpful hint: When placing on a highly textured surface or the vinyl doesn’t appear to be adhering, warm the vinyl with a blow dryer.

QDo the designs come in different colors or just black?
A:  We have 34 different colors to choose from.  You can view them all here:

QCan you clean the vinyl?
A:  The vinyl can be washed with mild household cleaner.  The vinyl designs are not dishwasher safe due to the heat.

QDo you use interior or exterior vinyl in high humidity areas?
A:  In most bathrooms, the interior vinyl will be sufficient, however in rooms with saunas, exterior vinyl is the better choice.

QCan I move a design and re-use it somewhere else?
A:  The vinyl can be easily removed (exterior, you may need to heat it up with a blow dryer), but each design is made of several separate pieces and reapplying the design is not an easy feat. We do not recommend it.

QHow long does the vinyl last?
A:  Interior vinyl will last for many years as long as the product is not abused. The exterior vinyl if placed outdoors will last for 6 years depending on the amount of wear and tear it endures. (If placed on vehicles, do not wash the design with high pressure washers.)

QHow much heat can the vinyl handle?
A:  If you are looking to apply the vinyl to something in direct contact of a heat source (a tile used as a hot pad for pans) it is not a good idea. The vinyl will melt and cause problems. Most direct sun and interior applications are okay.

QWhat is the Etched Glass Effect? Is it vinyl?
A:  The etched glass effect is a vinyl we offer that gives the appearance of etched glass.

QWhat does mirror image mean?
A:  To order the product in mirror image means you will receive an exact reflection of the design being ordered. Useful for applying to the INSIDE being viewed from the OUTSIDE.

QWhat is the shelf life for the vinyl Simply Said® uses?
A:  While there is no expiration date on the vinyl Simply Said® uses, the transfer tape gradually looses adhesive quality as the design is stored, making it difficult to get the design to stick to the transfer tape during the application process. We recommend you install your design as soon as possible and not more than one year after receiving it. If you do need to store your vinyl design, be sure to store in a plastic bag, away from light.

Have a question(s) that is not answered here, email me at michelle.simplysaid@gmail.com
or call me at 704-728-2478!

Getting in on the ground floor of a quickly growing company AND getting a starter kit at a reduced price - what an amazing opportunity!  Take advantage of this special while it lasts, only from April 1 - April 30! 

Contact me TODAY!  michelle.simplysaid@gmail.com or 704-728-2478

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    I love to be creative, I always have, ever since I was a child.  Being able to create something that makes you or someone else feel special is an amazing feeling!

    I recently discovered a wonderful company, Simply Said, and absolutely fell in love with the product and all its possibilities.  I signed up and am now the founding consultant in North Carolina.

    I am so excited to share Simply Said with you and hope that you too will be inspired to be creative in your home, business, or gift giving.

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